2014 Historic Route 6

Joining the Historic Highway 6

The Indianola Historical Society joined the Historic Route 6 a few weeks ago and Bill and Lynda became individual members along with Paul and Pat Schaffert as a business member. If you become a member you can purchase a large sign like the one above to help us mark the route through Indianola. You can also purchase the smaller sigh for you to do anything you want with it. The signs are metal/reflective just like the highway signs you see today. Please help Indianola if you can.
Go to the link below to see what it is all about.


Below are a few old buildings that were along the way.

This was the office/home of the old motel that had cabins in the back

The old Dairy Sweet that used to be a gas station years ago.

The old one sided house

Another old gas station. There were 7 gas station back in the day. Now there is one.