Indianola Nebraska

The Best Little City Out West

2012 Old Settlers Day

Prison Camp program

POW program Lynda Baumbach with Allison Young and friend

Dave and Nancy Vontz, Bill Neely, Larry Young

Jerry Uerling and family

Norma and Tim Blume

Sharon Guthrie Sughroue Deon and Donna Hoyt Elmer

Rod Sheets and dad

Paul Downey

Nancy Davidson Stritt and mom Betty

Mark Budke and Mike Malleck

Marilyn Stritt Slater and Jessica with kids

Ken Dow aka Dr. Dow

John O'Dea

Joe Sides and his new bride

Jim and Lea Sughroue

Paula and James Blume

Howard Baumbach

Dale and Eva Sughroue Hofman

Bob and Cheri Unger and Harry Foster

Gary Musgrave

POW program

Darrel Wilhelm and Dutch Huges

Couple good looking girls!!!

Don Sughroue Jr.

Dan Blume

Cheryl and Dale Stewart

DeAnna Hook Brown and

Sughroue girls and Crinda Elmer McConville

Bugs Foster

Brian Walz

Brent Hofman

Kathy and Bob Haag

Shane Pickett, Boza and Ken Blume, Erin Randolph

Barb Luther Weskamp and Lonnie

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