What’s New

If you haven’t been back to Indianola for a while things have changed as all things do.
The old Cecil Hotel was torn down several years ago and is now a used car lot.
In the early 1990’s a new water tower was built and the old one torn down. The new one is east and farther North than the old one and is 130 feet tall.
In the late 1990’s new water main lines were installed all over town replacing lines that were put in back in the early days of Indianola.
In 2004 a new fire barn was built on the corner of main street and the highway. 6 old buildings were torn down to do this. They were what was called Lords annex, the women club, the old bank on the corner, the library, the liquor store and what I remember as being the Greek cafe.
In 2006 a new city office building and shop were built on the location of the old one. In 2004 a fire destroyed the old one along with the grocery store, the old dance/roller skating hall and a building owned by Gus Guthrie. The grocery store was not replaced.
In 2008 new water wells and pipe were installed North of Bartley and is pumped to Indianola, Bartley and Cambridge combined.
In 2009 the Community Building was remodeled and expanded to twice the size of the old one. A very nice addition for the community as the way it was, was to small for large groups of people.
In 2010 a grant of over $700,000.00 was received by the city to take down several old abandoned houses and two buildings down town. The two buildings down town are known as the Gambles building and right be side it the Duckworth/Talbot two story building that is one of the last old buildings on main street. In the place of these two building will be built a large storm shelter for the people of Indianola and the area.
Also in 2010 a new waste water facility will be built South of town as the old one was built in the 1970’s and has out lived it life.
The Rocket Inn and Lords are still here and keep the life of Indianola going.